Feedback from Sayalay Dr. Yuzana Nyani

MLA organized a month course Intermediate level online on Library Education, Services and Information Literacy with 60 candidates. Some are paraprofessional such as church librarians, community librarians, nuns college professor, principals of private and public schools, high school teachers, and monastic education center librarians.Some are university librarians and graduates. Certificate Giving Ceremony with MLA Patrons, EC members, Teachers and some candidates living in Yangon!
Congratulations  all candidates who completed the course successfully! MLA Training has a course to suit any stage of your career journey.

By attending these two courses, I came to realise that Library science is a lot more deeper, wider-ranging and can contribute in various ways to our society, than we could have ever imagined. Course designs of both courses are perfect and offered all essentials: ranging from technical work, and Services a library can offer, the role of librarians to Digital information literacy.
I like interactive discussions in class and we gain a lot of knowledge from both, the library experts and the participants. I am more interested in Leadership styles, Library managements and activities, Promoting library services, Library design, Librarian as Innovator and Planner, Communication for Development, Organizing a book club and other more.
It indeed is eye-opening and offers us motivation and inspiration, creating opportunities to build a wider network across the nation and beyond, with the library professionals and those who start to embark this journey like us.
To sum up, this Basic and Intermediate courses, despite being short and delivered online, are effective and very satisfactory, making us feel that we are already on the right track. To move further is our responsibility.
I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Myanmar Library Association (MLA) for organizing this course, and Vice-President Teacher Daw Myat Sann Nyein for this compact course design and warm encouragement to join both courses; all teachers led by President Teacher Daw Ah Win for their selfless services and commitment to this Library Science field and to the community and nation.
With much appreciation,
Sayalay Dr. Yuzana Nyani
Associate Professor
8 December 2022