From the point of view of a freelance creative trainer, the knowledge gained from this course and the opportunity to teach Digital Storytelling to MBAPF’s Tech Age Girls Project made me think differently than before. As we gain insight into the roles that underlie them, we are able to do more creative work that is tailored to each of our respective users. I saw how to help and encourage the media sector of the generations to mobilize and collect good records for the activities of all ages. I feel that I have learned to search for knowledge from abroad. I encourage the youth of the Mok community within my reach to go to the nearest directions from the respective regions. I can also introduce the benefits of this course to my colleagues. Other young people who don’t know about other groups and courses related to this school don’t know what they should know. The two of them introduced each other. Mauping, my mother’s hometown, organized and campaigned for the emergence of a community. When my mother was growing up, when I was growing up, the community thought at that time that these little girls would go in and out and get husbands in no time. The local prisoners, who did not know the dignity, were afraid of being insulted, and no one dared to go. Bishop, let me introduce you to the new perspective from the new (c) ward of Insein City, where I am now. In the podcasts I’m currently creating, I’m not only concerned with the topic, but I’m also teaching and recruiting interns and talent to add literary and sectorial aspects. Leaders who are fond of presenting in voice, organizers, for the future Currently, we are unable to start by ourselves, but there is a desire that we want to try. The teachers who gave me the guidance to do this Special thanks to the teachers.